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illustrator, scriber & visual storyteller

I'm a freelance illustrator and visual storyteller originally from Colombia living in London. Before starting my journey as a freelancer, I worked as lead Illustrator and visual communications designer for companies in sectors ranging from UX and government to consulting and health.

My education years in industrial and graphic design along with my experience working in different sectors,  have influenced my style and the way I communicate ideas. I describe my illustration style as playful and adaptable, tapping into both vector and hand drawn techniques. Key aesthetic componens of my compositions are bold lines and constructions based on geometric shapes. All this focused on delivering stories charged with visual metaphors and a bit of humour.

SELECTED CLIENTS & collaborations

BBC, Tesco, Jaguar Land Rover, Samsung, EY, HMRC, Nike, EE, Orange, Vodafone, Cisco, BP, Mars, IDG, Adobe and Microsoft.

services & COMMISSIONS

I'm always up for a challenge and happy to discuss any brief.

To give you a steer on how I can be the right fit to your project here are some key services and type of commissions:

  • Illustration - Traditional illustration commissions for commercial, editorial, spaces and books (advertisement, magazines, interiors, retail, etc)

  • Service maps  & user journeys - A combination of illustration and diagrams to explain how a service or product works or how a customer experiences a product. These are ideal in areas such as service design and user research.

  • Illustration system - An illustration system is a way to enrich a brand’s visual language. The system gives the ability to unfold a brand story with consistency on multiple platforms (web, print, social, etc).

  • Live scribing - Also called graphic recording, live scribing is about documenting and capturing the key bits of events as they happen. It can be done manually using pens and paper or digitally using a graphic tablet.

  • Visual Identity  - Visual identity is how you create a memorable impression through the visible elements of your brand. It consist of all the graphic information that makes a brand differentiate from others. In other words, it describes everything a customers can see, from the logo to the interior design of a store.

  • Infographics - They are a form of visual communication used to represent information, data, or knowledge in a clear and simple way. They are ideal for turning something complex into something easy to understand, making it accessible.

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