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Croydon Stands Tall was a10-week art trail that took place from the 21st of August to the 27th of October 2023.


30 giant giraffe sculptures designed by UK based artists and 30 baby giraffe sculptures created by schools and community groups from the area, appeared across Croydon's town centre as a celebration of the borough. Each giraffe was sponsored by a local business with the aim to promote artist and engage the community with the area during the10-week street exhibition.

At the end of the art trail all the Giraffes were auctioned with the money raised donated to Crisis, a charity focused on people experiencing homelessness. This Giraffe was kindly bought by Shirley Oaks Hospital and now lives happily at their reception.

I call my design 'It's all about people': a celebration of people, diversity, and equality. It is because of people that communities and places thrive. This artwork is about how people from different backgrounds, regardless of age, ethnic background, gender, or religion, come together to form close-knit communities where there is a place for everyone.

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